Brian and Kelia liked to cook, they were good at it. Kelia couldn't eat anything, and Brian was nice and wanted to have her eat food. They both liked dinosaurs a lot. People liked what they cooked, and they figured that they could share their cooking with more people. So Jurassic Cart is born.

With an appreciation for flavor, we strive to accommadate any and all eating restrictions- because everyone deserves an awesome meal. Our products are sourced as sustainably and locally as possible to help support our community, and all of our meat comes from happy critters. With the exception of goat cheese, everything on our menu is Paleo (we only use sea salt and olive oil and there's no bogus in the whole cart). 

When they aren't at the cart, Brian and Kelia spend their time in bed with their dogs, Buddy and Abby, eating cauliflowr pizza with no nightshades and talking about how much they love Manowar and hate the patriarchy. 

Hours of Operation
5205 SE Foster Road
Portland, OR
Wed      12-8
Thu       12-8
Fri         12-8
Sat        12-8
Sun     Closed
​Mon    Closed
Tue     Closed
*Check our Facebook or Instagram for any unexpected closures*